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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nails Inspired by Drift Car Livery...Miro Ovcharik

A few months ago I did my nails to match my husband's drift car. If you missed them, HERE THEY ARE. After I did them I thought it would be neat to do a series of drift car-inspired nail designs. Let me tell you, it's easier said than done and the idea looked so much better in my head. Don't believe me? Just check out what I attempted...hahahaha.

From the list of Formula Drift drivers, I randomly chose the driver Miro Ovcharik. This season his LS-powered S13 is still the grey that it was before, but now it also has some pretty cool pink stars and lightning bolts as you can see below.

That shouldn't be too hard to recreate something similar, right? Wrong...I guess this is why I am a crocheter, not a nail artist. LOL. Anyhow, this is how they came stars are kind of weird and the grey looks a bit lilac on camera.

I suppose they aren't terrible...practice makes perfect, right? Which means, we'll see how the next set goes. :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fit Fashionista Club by Ellie: September 2013

Another great package that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago was from Ellie. Ellie provides fashionable workout wear in lots of different styles to fit your needs. In my quest to be healthier, I have started working out more and would like to start running with my husband. Workout wear is something I don't have a lot of, so I was excited to get to do a review for Ellie's Fit Fashionista Club. If you've never heard of this club, it's a subscription service in which you pay $49.95/month and you get to choose 2 pieces of workout wear from their site. Don't have time to get online to choose your pieces? Don't worry...Ellie will choose for you, based on your style profile that you take when you subscribe. Need to skip a month? You can do that, too, with Ellie!

So here is what your package from Ellie will look like when you get it...

The contents of the package were actually nicely wrapped in tissue but I got so excited to see what was in there, that I ripped the tissue off before getting a picture, but here is what was under the paper wrapping.

I chose two pieces from Ellie's Bon Voyage Colelction.

Goa Long Sleeve top ($69.95 value): This top is so soft and drapes very well. The material is one of those that just feels really cool on your skin. I chose this one because I am one of those people carrying a bit of extra weight. A lot of times when you have that type of body you don't want to wear midriff-showing tops or anything too tight because you tend to somewhat self-conscious, and let's face it, the last thing we need is something discouraging us from working out. I like that's long-sleeved so that I can wear it on cooler days outside but with it being a layering-type material, I won't get too hot.

Belize Capri ($74.95 value): These are truly amazing capris. They are made of a moisture-wicking fabric with UPF 50+ protection. They feel amazing. I love them, and the hidden pocket in the wasitband for your house key is a perfect idea.

Now the value of those two items alone is $144.90. So paying $49.95/month for that value is amazing! You really can't find 2 pieces of workout wear that has an amazing quality like that of Ellie for right under $50.00.

As if those two pieces weren't already awesome, Ellie did send me another little surprise. These are their headbands which retail for $7.95/each. These are super cute and who doesn't want to look cute when they work out??

If you'd like to subscribe to Ellie's Fit Fashionista Club, just click THIS LINK to get started. Not only will you get two pieces of awesome workout wear each month, but you also get exclusive sneak peeks to their new collections. If you use THIS LINK to sign up today, you will get 20% for you first month!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Cotton Bunny: September 2013

I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the last few days so I haven't posted as much as I've wanted to. I'm starting to feel better now so I'm hoping to get in a few box reviews for you today.

The first of today's reviews comes from My Cotton Bunny. To explain what My Cotton Bunny is, here's a little scenario: Aunt Flo has surprised you a few days earlier than normal, you're in a hurry to get out the door, when all of a sudden you realize you are out of "supplies". The last thing you have time for is a stop at the drugstore for your essentials. This is where My Cotton Bunny comes in. With each box you receive your necessary items, a gift, and some treats. My Cotton Bunny also gives you a lot of options as far as subscribing goes. First of all, choose your items, either tampons or pads. Whatever you choose will come in an unopened box to ensure the sterility of the product. Then you choose the size you need. You can also opt for pantiliners rather than tampons or pads. There are three subscription choices. You can go on a monthly service for $16.00/month. Tri-Monthly gives you a 5% discount at $45.60. Save 10% when you get the 6-month subscription at $86.40. You can also pick the date that your box ships out to ensure it's right on time with your monthly visitor.

I was very happy to get a complimentary box to review for them.

The information card tells you about the items inside the box.

The gift was this little silvertone anklet with tiny heart charms and some rhinestones. It's adjustable so it works well for a bracelet and my 12-year-old quickly claimed this as her own.

Here are the treats...Donsuemor Madeleines (in Chocolate Dipped and Lemon Zest) and Numi tea (in Moroccan Mint and Dry Desert Lime). The madeleines were delicious and I loved the tea!

Then you have your essentials...this one is pretty self-explanatory. Now since this was a complimentary box I didn't choose which essentials I needed. Since neither me nor my daughter use this particular product we are going to donate it to be put into a female care package for NCPacks4Patriots.

Do you subscribe to My Cotton Bunny? If so, I would love for you to comment below with what you think. If you would like to subscribe, please click THIS LINK to get started! You can get 30% off your first box by using promo code MCBLOG.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Giveaway over at Raising Reagan

I just wanted to take a quick moment share a giveaway I am a part of over at Raising Reagan. Click THIS LINK to read about all of the bloggers who are a part of the giveaway then don't forget to click the link at the end of the post to enter via Rafflecopter! Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ipsy: September 2013

This is a subscription box (well, bag) that I have been waiting for a couple of months now. Ipsy has a smallish waiting list, but it's not too bad. Ipsy is a subscription service in which you pay $10.00/month (free shipping) and get a bag of deluxe samples and full-size beauty products. Here is what you will find in your mailbox each month when you get your Ipsy bag.

And here is what was inside...

Each month Ipsy will include this info card with a list of all of the month's contributing companies and coupon codes to order from their sites.

Another item that Ipsy included this month, is this brochure that showcases the new "em" makeup collection by Michelle Phan.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels ($7.50 value): I actually received 2 pairs of these. I haven't tried them yet, but they sound pretty nice.

NYX Single Eye Shadow in Golden Poppy ($4.50 value): this is actually a full-size product. It has a really pretty shimmer to it, too.

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Rose Romance ($4.17 value): Another full-size product, this lip crayon is a pretty light pink color that's a bit sheer, very creamy, and has a nice minty scent.

Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian ($12.00 value): This is another full-size product that came in my Ipsy bag. I've been needing an eye pencil so this was perfect timing. I did swatch this one on the back of my hand and it's a nice creamy texture. Even though it's a pencil-type eyeliner, it just doesn't have that harsh pencil quality. It's also very pigmented and I'm pretty sure it will last all day since I washed an entire sink of dishes and it didn't come off my hand (yes I still have to hand-wash dishes...LOL).

Elizabeth Mott It's So Big Volumizing Mascara ($8.00 value): This is a 4ml sample. I have not gotten around to trying it out yet, but this brand is new to me. According to the website, the hourglass-shaped brush is the secret to giving you volume and length. I'm not big on using mascaras, mainly because I wear glasses and every time I've tried mascara with glasses, my lashes end up brushing against my lenses, then it causes a mess, but I will definitely try this out.

Totaled up I came up with a value of around $36.17, which is over triple the price of the subscription itself. I think it's a pretty awesome way to try out new products that are out there. Do you subscribe to Ipsy? If you do, I would love for you to comment below with what you got in your bag. If you don't subscribe, but you'd like to, just click HERE to get started.

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KonaKase: September 2013

Wow I am really slacking on the box reviews here, so I will crank out a few of them for you today.

Last week I received several complimentary boxes in the mail for review, and this one from KonaKase was one of them. I mentioned with another box review that I am trying to buy healthier when it comes to food for my family, and snacks are no exception. Because we are new to the healthier snack alternatives (other than fresh fruits and veggies), I think that sample packs and single-serving sizes are perfect for us.

So what is KonaKase? This is a monthly subscription box that costs $15.00/month and you get 8 nutritional products with each shipment.

So here is what your KonKase will look like when you open it up. There is an information card on the box, detailing each of the products, as well as coupon codes in case you want to order any of the products that you may like.

(Any prices that I include on the items are approximate prices for single items.)

BioTrust All-Natural Protein Cookie ($2.50 value): I received the Frosted Oatmeal Raisin flavor. I was quite surprised that this was a healthy cookie, because it was pretty tasty. The texture was a tiny bit that of a protein bar, but it wasn't bad. I really liked it.

Justin's Classic Almond Butter ($0.43 value): I have not yet tried this little 0.5-ounce packet of almond butter yet, but I'm sure I will enjoy. I love peanut butter, but I also love venturing out to try new-to-me spreads like this one.

Quest Protein Bar ($2.25 value): I did not get to try this White Chocolate Raspberry bar from Quest because my 12-year-old snatched it to take with her to volleyball practice, but she said it was really good. According to the Quest website this is their newest flavor.

Krave Jerky ($3.23 value): We love jerky in our household. My 8-year-old and I snacked on this Chili Lime jerky at my 12-year-old's volleyball game and it was delicious. I will definitely have to order some of this and would love to try some of their other flavors as well! This one was beef, but they also sell turkey and pork jerky in their online shop.

Larabar ($1.59 value): The info card had Sanfranola listed but instead I received this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar. I would have loved to try the granola, but Larabar is something that I have already tried so I knew I would love it. I really like bars because I can just stick them in my purse or the diaper bag and have an instant snack when I'm out running errands.

Rise Bar ($1.08 value): This little sample size Almond Honey Rise Bar was really cute. It made for a great morning snack between breakfast and lunch.

Greenola ($2.57): Not only was this brand new to me, but the product itself is, too. It's from the Kale Factory and is called Greenola. I received the Raisin Coconut flavor which sounds to like it's the best one from their site. I'm not sure how much was in this sample size so I guesstimated it to be about 1.5 ounces. As for what it is, it's a snack based on kale. This one has kale, dates, almonds, coconut flakes, organic raisins, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and cinnamon. I'm not really one to eat a lot of greens. I do eat raw spinach and I love green smoothies, but this wasn't terrible. I can actually see myself snacking on something like this.

Added up, I came up with a value of about $13.65. It's a little less than the $15.00/month price for the subscription, but like I said, I was estimating the value of some items. Also, shipping is always free with KonaKase. So tell me, do you subscribe to KonaKase? How do you like it? Let me know down in the comments below. If you don't subscribe, but you think you might like to, just click HERE to get started.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wantable Accessories Box: September 2013

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted. I've been trying to stay on top of things, but I've fallen a bit behind it seems. I have several days of subscription boxes to share with all of you. Last Monday I received an accessories box from the people over at Wantable. There are three different subscription options over at Wantable. They have the Makeup Box, their new Intimates Box, and the Accessories Box, which is the one that I was sent to review. The Accessories box comes packed with 3-4 boutique accessories and/or pieces of jewelry. You also have two different pricing options with Wantable. You can either subscribe for $36.00/month or you can purchase one box at a time for $40.00 each. Boxes are said to be valued at $80.00 and higher. When you sign up you take a style quiz which helps them to determine the items they pick for you.

The first item I spotted when I opened up my box was this adorable striped headband. I love headbands and I have a skirt that is striped just like this.

The Darlene: a striped black and white ribbon headband. ($24.00 value)

The next item in the box is this gold leaf necklace. My 12-year-old daughter claimed this as her own right away.

The Ani Necklace: a fabulous gold necklace with a leaf pendant, ready for fall! ($22.00 value)

The last item in the box is this pair of hoop earrings. I love these and I know I will wear them a lot!

Luz Earrings: basic hoops are taken to the next level...silver-toned with shimmering rhinestone accents, these are perfect everyday earrings. ($22.00 value)

If you total up everything that was in my box, you get a $68.00 value which is almost twice as much as the $36.00 to subscribe. Now keep in mine that my box was complimentary so that I could write up a review, but if you subscribe, you will receive a box that will have at least an $80.00 value. To get started with your Wantable subscription just click HERE.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Your Bijoux Box Review: September 2013

Tuesday I received a nice little stack of boxes, one of which was a complimentary box to review from Your Bijoux Box. Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewelry subscription in which you receive 2-3 pieces of hand-curated jewelry, worth at least $70.00, for only $35.00/month (FREE shipping!). I love to accessorize so I was so happy to get to review this box.

Look how pretty the packaging is!

Blushing Flowers Necklace: This is the first item I pulled out of the box. I LOVE chunky jewelry and this is no exception! As described on the info card: "A great neutral floral necklace worn with chocolate, creams and mauves. Perfect in the fall with an ivory cashmere sweater and ivory skinny cords. Just add some brown suede riding boots for a great autumnal look!"

Capri Choker: I love the colors in this piece. I also love that even though it's a choker, it's not too tight and still hangs a bit, so it's more like a short necklace, if you know what I mean. Here is the description from the info card: "A statement choker is the piece of the moment and this one will add posh pizzazz to essentials that you already own. With beachy blues and greens and cocoa browns it will easily take you from Summer to Fall."

BONUS ITEM: How much do you love this necklace? Would you like one for FREE?? Just use coupon code stitches11 when you join and you will get one of these beauties all for yourself!

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Julep Maven: September 2013

So I received my September Julep Maven box on Monday, but due to computer issues I am just getting around to reviewing it for you. This month's theme is Cityscape.

Upon opening my box, this is what was in there. Julep's packaging of their nail polishes have changed just a bit. It seems they've stepped up their game and the polishes now have their own little boxes. Very nice, Julep!

Beneath that new packaging, were these three gorgeous colors. According to my style profile on Julep, I'm an "It Girl". Of course, you can change your selection at any time, or re-take your style profile quiz anytime you wish. I like to stick with the It Girl since that's what I was given in the beginning.

The first colors is called Josephine and is a blueish-gray creme polish. This is actually one coat in the swatch below. ($14.00 value)

The next color is a creme yellow called Catrina. The swatch below is two coats. ($14.00 Value)

The third color I received is Candace. It's a beautiful shimmer brown with hints of gold. I LOVE this color and I think I might actually put it on my nails today. ($14.00 Value)

I decided to order an add-on with my box this go-around, mainly because the color looked amazing online. When you subscribe to Julep, you can choose add-ons to go in your box that are deeply discounted. I only paid $4.99 for this extra little beauty. It's called Reece and is a pretty purple with a holographic shimmer. ($14.00 value).

Each month you get a little freebie in your Julep box. This month it was this One-Step Polish Remover Pad. I was actually going to throw this in my purse to save it for a nail emergency when I'm on-the-go, but I decided to go ahead and test it out by removing the colors I had swatched. This pad works wonders! It literally took my polish off in one swipe and I could probable use one pad on all 10 fingers. I highly recommend them! A pack of 10 pads is $9.99 unless you are subscribed, then Maven pricing is $7.99. (Approx. value of 1 pad=$1.00)

Julep Maven boxes are $19.99 for a monthly subscription. I paid $24.98 with my add-on this month, which is great considering I came up with a total value of about $57.00 for this box that I received. Remember that you can go HERE to subscribe and only pay $3.99 s/h for your first box using the code FREEBOX. What's great is that you can skip a month for any reason if you'd like. Head over to Julep and get started today! You won't be disappointed!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marc Jacobs Eye Shadow Giveaway

Hey Beauties!

I have fallen in love with the new Marc Jacobs Collection at Sephora & I think it says Fall all over it! I love the colors they incorporated & I can't wait to see what else they come out with! I knew when I laid eyes on this trio it would be perfect to giveaway right before the holiday seasons start! Perfect for a day time light eye & even more perfect for that perfect smokey eye look that brings us into the night flawlessly. Long lasting & highly pigmented, this is a winner!

You could be a winner to! Enter below for your chance to win this trio from the Marc Jacobs Collection! 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Free Pattern Friday: Crochet Hand/Wrist Warmers

If you noticed, I totally missed Free Pattern Friday last week. That may happen a bit in the next month or so, because I have a 2-year-old always running around, a 12-year-old in volleyball, and a 9-year-old playing fall baseball on top of all my customer orders and normal mommy/wife duties. So with that being said, let's get to this week's pattern.

I think wrist warmers are so cute. They provide the coverage of a glove while leaving your fingers free, plus they are very stylish. This week's pattern comes from Cute Crochet Chat. HERE is the pattern for these cute wrist warmers...

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Charity Auction for Courageous Kidz

Just a quick post here to let you know that I am having a charity auction over on my Facebook business page, Kristin's Kreations. This auction is being held in honor of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds will go to Courageous Kidz, a non-profit organization for children and teenagers with cancer. I am a 16-year-survivor of a childhood cancer, so this is a very important cause for me. My goal is to raise at least $300.00 for the organization. Pleas help me by sharing this!! Thank you!