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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fit Fashionista Club by Ellie: September 2013

Another great package that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago was from Ellie. Ellie provides fashionable workout wear in lots of different styles to fit your needs. In my quest to be healthier, I have started working out more and would like to start running with my husband. Workout wear is something I don't have a lot of, so I was excited to get to do a review for Ellie's Fit Fashionista Club. If you've never heard of this club, it's a subscription service in which you pay $49.95/month and you get to choose 2 pieces of workout wear from their site. Don't have time to get online to choose your pieces? Don't worry...Ellie will choose for you, based on your style profile that you take when you subscribe. Need to skip a month? You can do that, too, with Ellie!

So here is what your package from Ellie will look like when you get it...

The contents of the package were actually nicely wrapped in tissue but I got so excited to see what was in there, that I ripped the tissue off before getting a picture, but here is what was under the paper wrapping.

I chose two pieces from Ellie's Bon Voyage Colelction.

Goa Long Sleeve top ($69.95 value): This top is so soft and drapes very well. The material is one of those that just feels really cool on your skin. I chose this one because I am one of those people carrying a bit of extra weight. A lot of times when you have that type of body you don't want to wear midriff-showing tops or anything too tight because you tend to somewhat self-conscious, and let's face it, the last thing we need is something discouraging us from working out. I like that's long-sleeved so that I can wear it on cooler days outside but with it being a layering-type material, I won't get too hot.

Belize Capri ($74.95 value): These are truly amazing capris. They are made of a moisture-wicking fabric with UPF 50+ protection. They feel amazing. I love them, and the hidden pocket in the wasitband for your house key is a perfect idea.

Now the value of those two items alone is $144.90. So paying $49.95/month for that value is amazing! You really can't find 2 pieces of workout wear that has an amazing quality like that of Ellie for right under $50.00.

As if those two pieces weren't already awesome, Ellie did send me another little surprise. These are their headbands which retail for $7.95/each. These are super cute and who doesn't want to look cute when they work out??

If you'd like to subscribe to Ellie's Fit Fashionista Club, just click THIS LINK to get started. Not only will you get two pieces of awesome workout wear each month, but you also get exclusive sneak peeks to their new collections. If you use THIS LINK to sign up today, you will get 20% for you first month!

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