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Friday, September 20, 2013

KonaKase: September 2013

Wow I am really slacking on the box reviews here, so I will crank out a few of them for you today.

Last week I received several complimentary boxes in the mail for review, and this one from KonaKase was one of them. I mentioned with another box review that I am trying to buy healthier when it comes to food for my family, and snacks are no exception. Because we are new to the healthier snack alternatives (other than fresh fruits and veggies), I think that sample packs and single-serving sizes are perfect for us.

So what is KonaKase? This is a monthly subscription box that costs $15.00/month and you get 8 nutritional products with each shipment.

So here is what your KonKase will look like when you open it up. There is an information card on the box, detailing each of the products, as well as coupon codes in case you want to order any of the products that you may like.

(Any prices that I include on the items are approximate prices for single items.)

BioTrust All-Natural Protein Cookie ($2.50 value): I received the Frosted Oatmeal Raisin flavor. I was quite surprised that this was a healthy cookie, because it was pretty tasty. The texture was a tiny bit that of a protein bar, but it wasn't bad. I really liked it.

Justin's Classic Almond Butter ($0.43 value): I have not yet tried this little 0.5-ounce packet of almond butter yet, but I'm sure I will enjoy. I love peanut butter, but I also love venturing out to try new-to-me spreads like this one.

Quest Protein Bar ($2.25 value): I did not get to try this White Chocolate Raspberry bar from Quest because my 12-year-old snatched it to take with her to volleyball practice, but she said it was really good. According to the Quest website this is their newest flavor.

Krave Jerky ($3.23 value): We love jerky in our household. My 8-year-old and I snacked on this Chili Lime jerky at my 12-year-old's volleyball game and it was delicious. I will definitely have to order some of this and would love to try some of their other flavors as well! This one was beef, but they also sell turkey and pork jerky in their online shop.

Larabar ($1.59 value): The info card had Sanfranola listed but instead I received this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar. I would have loved to try the granola, but Larabar is something that I have already tried so I knew I would love it. I really like bars because I can just stick them in my purse or the diaper bag and have an instant snack when I'm out running errands.

Rise Bar ($1.08 value): This little sample size Almond Honey Rise Bar was really cute. It made for a great morning snack between breakfast and lunch.

Greenola ($2.57): Not only was this brand new to me, but the product itself is, too. It's from the Kale Factory and is called Greenola. I received the Raisin Coconut flavor which sounds to like it's the best one from their site. I'm not sure how much was in this sample size so I guesstimated it to be about 1.5 ounces. As for what it is, it's a snack based on kale. This one has kale, dates, almonds, coconut flakes, organic raisins, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and cinnamon. I'm not really one to eat a lot of greens. I do eat raw spinach and I love green smoothies, but this wasn't terrible. I can actually see myself snacking on something like this.

Added up, I came up with a value of about $13.65. It's a little less than the $15.00/month price for the subscription, but like I said, I was estimating the value of some items. Also, shipping is always free with KonaKase. So tell me, do you subscribe to KonaKase? How do you like it? Let me know down in the comments below. If you don't subscribe, but you think you might like to, just click HERE to get started.

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