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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recipe of the Day...cookies!!

I have always loved to bake, but with taking care of my children, handling normal household chores, and trying to keep up with my crochet, I rarely have the time to bake. I have all of these great recipes I have pinned on Pinterest and decided to make a goal of trying out at least one recipe every couple of weeks. Today's recipe comes from Zoom Yummy and is for Chocolate Cookies with Nuts and White Chocolate Chunks. Since I want to share some cookies with friends and family, I doubled the recipe. Of course, I got in a bit of a rush to start baking and used the microwave shortcut method of softening my butter. Next time I will be more patient and just let my sticks of butter sit out for a bit. Also, I didn't sift my dry ingredients. I am thinking that either it was the impatience with the butter or not having a sifter that caused my cookies not to spread and flatten like they are in the picture. Even though they don't look as pretty they DO taste great, especially with a big glass of milk. The recipe says you can use pecans or walnuts but with the white chocolate I decided to use macadamias. Also, my grocery store did not have white baking bars with which to make chocolate chunks, so I just used white chocolate chips. Here's how mine turned out:

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