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Monday, March 26, 2012

What a Busy Weekend!

So we had quite a busy weekend. It all started Saturday with my daughter representing her school in the Downeast North Carolina Regional Spelling Bee. I am so proud of my daughter. There were a total of 40 spellers. Kaitlyn made it to the fifth round where the word "jeremiad" stumped her. She ended up in the top 13 out of the 40. Way to go, Kaitlyn!!

After the spelling bee, we came back home to get everything ready for Sunday. My husband had his second drift event since getting the racecar running again. One of the drift series my hubby participates in is the Myrtle Beach Drift Series. MB Drift holds events monthly, with every other month being practice-only events. The practice events are great because the drivers get to go out there and just have fun and sort of do whatever. Here's my husband, Cody doing what he loves best:

Here are a few other pics I snapped at the event:

Oh yeah, I also finished a blanket for a customer over the weekend.

And lastly, my 8-month-old is cutting 4 teeth at once. You can't really see all of them here but you can see one of the front ones:

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