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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today's Nails: Neon Gradient

Not long ago I re-pinned these nails I saw on Pinterest.

After watching a few YouTube tutorials on how to do gradient nails, I thought it couldn't be that difficult. Well...

Since I was using neon colors and they tend to be a bit sheer, I started out with a coat of white polish. This particular one is called CORRECTION TAPE from Spoiled by Wet 'N Wild.

Next you are going to need 3-4 colors of polish and a cosmetic wedge. For my shorter nails I probably should have chose only 3 least I know for next time. The colors I chose are all from Sinful Colors and are (from L to R): NEON MELON, SUMMER PEACH, FUSION NEON, and DREAM ON. The only color I can find in stores now is DREAM ON so the others must be discontinued. I have had all of them for almost 2 years so that's probably why. From what I've read, you should soak your sponge in water first so that it doesn't soak up the polish right away. Once you do that, just paint your colors onto the sponge. It's ok to overlap them a bit since you want them to appear blended.

Once you've sponged the color onto your nails give it a bit to dry, then add a second sponged coat. After sponging, this is what you will come up with.

Of course, everything will be a mess so you will need to clean up around your nails then add a topcoat. Now here's how mine came out. They didn't come out exactly like I wanted to. For some reason mine didn't blend as well as the original picture I got my inspiration from. Obviously I need to work on my gradient technique a bit more, but you get the idea.


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