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Thursday, August 29, 2013

My First Birchbox: August 2013

A couple of days ago I received my very first Birchbox in the mail. Birchbox is a subscription service in which you get deluxe beauty samples mailed to you each month for only $10.00 shipped. So here's what was in my August Birchbox:

So this is how the box looks when you receive it and when you first open it up. The box ships via USPS and I received it within 2 days of shipping notification. As you can see you get a little card that tells about the items in the box, how to use them, and what the price is on a full-size product. All of the full-size products can be purchased at the Birchbox website.

Amika Obliphica Blow Up Spray ($6.00 value): lightweight mist that adds lift and leaves an Obliphica berry scent for the perfect blowout. I actually used this today and it works great. It gives a little boost in volume and smells great. The 2-ounce sample size will last through quite a few uses, too.

Color Club Wanderlust Collection ($2.00 value): exclusive neon pastel shades inspired by four of our favorite cities. The color I got is called London Calling and is a pretty minty green. I love nail polish so this is one of my favorite items in the box.
Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+ ($4.42 value): this multitasker evens out skin tone, has anti-aging benefits, and gives you broad spectrum protection. I've been wanting to try out a BB cream to see how I will like it, so I'm pretty stoked to try this product. Hopefully I can get more than one use out of the little 0.17ml sample that I got in my box.

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel (approx. $1.81 value): a lightweight gel that creates a sheer matte layer and absorbs shine for eight hours. Even though I have oily skin, I always moisturize, which can leave your skin feeling a bit greasy. I tried this today and the way you use it is that you apply a layer on top of your moisturizer before you apply your makeup. It really did make the shine go away and made my face feel so smooth.

Tili Bags (approx. $0.94 value): breeze through airport security with these too-cute plastic bags. Each month Birchbox will put in what they call a Lifestyle Extra, which is basically a non-beauty sample. This month's Lifestyle Extra are these super cute patterned zipper bags. It's basically a zippered bag that you can use to put various items in when you pack. The bag I got is quart-sized but they make gallon-sized ones, too and in different patterns. I don't travel much to the point that I would need to use bags like this, but I think it would make a great reusable snack bag.

So that is my Birchbox this month. For only $10.00 shipped I received a box valued at around $15.17. That's not too bad for my first box, so I think I will continue with my subscription for a little while. If you would like to get your own Birchbox, just click this link HERE. If you receive Birchbox let me know what you got and what you think.

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