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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paul Walker Memorial Meet & Cruise.

My hubby and I are very much car enthusiasts. In fact, we met through our love of drifting, so naturally it saddened us to hear of the death of Paul Walker. Now I know there are countless people out there who say things like "he was just an actor, why are you so's not like you knew him". That is very true...he was an actor and no we did not know him personally. However, he was a person and he was obviously a person of great character and we love some of the same stuff that he did. We came to know his character in the Fast & the Furious movies that all of us "car people" love to watch. I have read so many stories about the people he's helped both personally and through his organization Reach Out Worldwide. If you are into the automotive scene like my husband and I are and you live in Eastern North Carolina, we invite you to come out this Sunday to the memorial meet and cruise where we will not only honor the memory of a man who loved cars just like we all do, but we will also be accepting donations for ROWW. Also, don't forget that there was another person involved in this tragic accident, too. RIP Paul Walker AND Roger Rodas. You can get the details for this weekend's event HERE. Thanks!

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