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Monday, October 28, 2013

Conscious Box: October 2013

I received my October Conscious Box about two weeks ago, but just never got around to blogging it for you, but here it is. Conscious Box is the monthly subscription service in which you receive eco-friendly products. You have a choice of Classic, Vegan and Gluten free all for only $$19.95/month. There are other payment plans as well if you choose to bundle your months. So far this is my second Conscious Box and I've enjoyed both of them.

Let's take a look at everything I received this month...

CrumCreek Soy Bites Mini Breadsticks: I'm not sure what the value of these are, but they sure were tasty!

Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus ($0.76 value): This is the second product I've ever tried from the Good Boy Organics brand, and once again I am so impressed. I wish I could find these locally, but since I can't, I will definitely have to order some snacks from them online. My boys loved these cheese puffs!

Gnu Foods Fiber Love Bar in Cinnamon Raisin ($1.99 value): I loved this bar and would love to try some of the other flavors from this brand.

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright ($1.00 value): I haven't tried this yet but I think I am going to test it out in my 2-year-old's sippy cup. They are so hard to get completely clean without soaking them overnight. I think this would be great for them.

LifeTree Citrus Fresh Dish Soap ($0.19 value)

The Honest Company Honest Shampoo & Body Wash ($0.15 value): I have heard great things about The Honest Company brand of products so I'm excited to try this.

Seventh Generation Natural Skin Serum ($0.25 value)

Seventh Generation Natural Body Lotion ($0.12 value)

Goddess Garden Organics Tangerine Lavender Daily Lotion ($0.48 value): This lotion has SPF 15 and smells great!

Acure Argan Stem Cell + Chlorella Growth Factor Night Cream ($2.00 value)

Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel ($5.60 value)

Allimax 100% Allicin Capsules ($1.46 value): I am not sure if I will try these since I don't like taking unfamiliar products while breastfeeding, but I read that they are a great immune-booster.

FruitsMax Whole Food Supplement ($2.91 value): These chewable tablets state they are a great way to get in 21 fruits plus L. acidophilus probiotics

Eat Green Tea 100% Organic Green Tea ($0.75 value)

So that is what I received in my Conscious Box for October. I came up with an approximate value of $17.66, but I did leave out one item that I forgot to get a picture of and also didn't get a value on the little breadsticks. If I had to guesstimate closer to the value, I'd say it would come out to be nearly equal to the $19.99 subscription price. Do you get Conscious Box? How do you like it? If you would like to get your own Conscious Box just click this link HERE. Enter the code FREEBOX at checkout and you will only have to pay $7.00 s/h for your first box.

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